Estes - Generic E2X {Kit} (1764)

Contributed by Jon Revelle

Diameter: 0.98 inches
Length: 15.00 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Skill Level: 1
Style: Sport

Very simple, easy rocket available only through a bulk pack. I managed to get one unassembled from a friend. This one has a Pepsi theme to it.

(MODS) Pepsi Rocket

There are nine parts to this kit:

  • 1 NC50 nose cone
  • 1 BT-50 body tube
  • 1 plastic fin can
  • 1 12" parachute
  • 1 shock cord
  • 1 sheet of decals
  • 1 green long engine ring
  • 1 small engine block
  • 1 engine hook (standard length)

This is probably the most simple rocket I've ever built. All there is assemble the motor mount, glue it into the fin can, glue them to one end of the body tube, attach recovery system, slap some paint on and you're done.

PROS: Very simple construction

CONS: Perhaps it is too simple?

The stock generic E2X is plain white and comes with a NASA theme decal sheet which have to be cut out, but I decided to ditch them. I had found a decal sheet which had the old Pepsi logo from 1987. So I used them and painted the rocket red white and blue to match the decals. It looked great when finished. This one is best to paint your own way and give it a different name.

For its first flight I used an A8-3 due to moderate winds. The rocket used about 3 sheets of recovery wadding and was easy to prepare. The motor is held in by a standard engine hook.

The Pepsi Rocket zipped off the pad on an A8-3 and flew straight on an angle.

Recovery is by a stock Estes 12" chute. The chute is a little much for this small rocket so I reccomend using a streamer instead. There was no damage or wear on recovery.

This is an excellent first or second rocket, however, they only come in bulk packs, so good luck finding a single one.

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