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EMRR - 10th Anniversaryrocketreviews2011-05-312008-01-13
Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews and Resources is now 10 years old. We ENHANCE the hobby! (
How to don an EVA suit in NASA's new roverbenwl2011-09-272010-05-04
How to don an EVA suit in NASA's new rover
Live NASA Building Demolition Caught On Videoyourjudgeandjury2011-08-052011-07-24
The mobile service tower, or gantry, at Space Launch Complex 40, was imploded on Sunday, April 27, 2008. This mammoth structure, with its cavernous clean room, was used for the final spacecraft ...
Rocket Racing League PilotsRRLofficial2011-09-222010-06-10
LA Fox (Chief Test Pilot) and Dave Morss discuss how flying X-Racers in the Rocket Racing League are such a challenge while being an incredible thrill.
Space Camp Barbie Unveiled at the US Space & Rocket Centerspacecampusa2011-06-202008-08-01
Announcing the release of 2008 Space Camp Barbie available now at the US Space & Rocket Center. Space Camp uses space to excite and educate children in the fields of math science and technology. ...
Spacevidcast: Online community for space enthusiastsbuilding432011-07-312011-04-21
It's been almost 42 years since the first Americans set foot on the moon, but each time the US sends an astronaut into space, it's no less breathtaking an event to witness. Via its web site, ...
SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket #3UnTiedMusicStudio2011-07-312011-07-07
SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rocket #3 being assembled at SLC40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station 6-July-2011. I crashed a media event bus and got a 3 hour tour :) Thanks Spacevidcast! More video and a ...
"Father Of The Space Age" - Dr. Robert Goddardspacearium2011-08-212011-01-15
A new beginning for America's Space Programs - Spacevidcast Live SVC-12Mspacevidcast2011-07-312011-05-27
In tradition of not wanting a launch (or live show) to end in the number 13, this episode has been re-named to SVC-12M. Why that numbering system? Well, we explain it in the open of the show! A lot ...
ISS BabyReelNASA2011-06-152008-09-30
A group of NASAs students collaborated to create the greatest rap video ever released by NASA. Well, its the only one, but under that definition, it is the greatest. Its also technically the worst. ...
Japan Talent Show: Rocket Launchjpnftw2011-06-232010-02-27
Japan has an annual talent show displaying their creativity where a lot of families combine their heads and create a 1-5 minute segment and compete Last Year a 45 year old Ninja from Fukuoka does ...
n3rd crush, possible STS-134 delay, SS2 and more! Live Show 4.08spacevidcast2011-07-312011-04-03
The wiki article containing links and additional information on each story can be found here: Stories covered: NASA Tweetup Nerds ZOMGDUDELOLZ! Possible delay of STS-134 to ...
Two NASA rovers play in playgroundbenwl2011-09-272010-05-04
Two NASA rovers in playground
Future of Aerospace Rocket Flight Camera Footage - July 30, 2011SportRocketry2011-08-052011-08-01
United Launch Alliance Intern Rocket Launch 2011: "Future" Rocket Flight Camera Footage Video Source: Uploaded by jjb284 on Jul 31, 2011 "Future" rocket flight camera footage from ...
DIRECT 2.0 - Transistion from Space Shuttleextracrispy752011-09-022008-03-17
DIY Pulse jet model rocket part 3, first flight!amazingdiyprojects2011-09-222011-09-17
Launch Pad 39B TimelapseNASAKennedy2011-09-162011-09-09
Nova 2 TrailerStarchaserIndustries2011-09-162011-09-08
Rocket Racing Is Here! New sport promoted at Red Bull Air RaceRRLofficial2011-09-222010-06-17
Red Bull Air Race fans get a taste of the new sport of Rocket Racing!
Shepard-McAuliffe Discovery Center rocket launchUnitilEnergy2011-05-292011-05-19
Unitil celebrated the opening of the Unitil Program Center at the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center on May 19, 2011. The day's agenda included a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony, an educational ...

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