The Launch Pad - Phoenix (2.6") Kit

Manufacturer: The Launch Pad
Product Type: Kit
Tags: Scale:AIM-54 Phoenix
  • The Launch Pad - Phoenix (2.6") {Kit} By Marlin Meyer (October 13, 2008)

    Brief: Easy to build mid-power rocket kit, 18" mylar parachute Construction: Two body tubes of nice quality spiral cardboard tubing. 8 fins made of balsa must be marked and cut. 3 centering rings (two for the engine mount and one for the parachute compartment) The forward centering ring provides a compartment for parachute which keeps it up top for improved CG Plastic ...

  • The Launch Pad - Phoenix (2.6") {Kit} By Ben Bentley

    ( Contributed - by Ben Bentley) Brief The Launch Pad Phoenix is a nice scale model of the AIM-54c long range Air-to-air missile. The model is meant for D and E engines, and it's claimed that it's ready for F's too. At 2.6 in around and 28 in tall, it's a nice size model. Construction I sent away the order and it came back in six days via Priority Mail! It was all in one bag ...

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