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FlisKits - Praetor (SP001)


Center Of Pressure: 21.5100 inches from front (Rocksim/Rocksim)
Diameter: 1.6370 inches
Fin Span: 13.6000 inches
Length: 23.9000 inches
Manufacturer: FlisKits
Model: SP001
Product Type: -Undefined-
Recommended Motors: A8-3, B6-4, C6-5
Recovery: Parachute
Skill Level: 2
Style: MicroMaxx
Weight: 2.3000 ounces


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FlisKits Praetor-II Booster for Praetor Rocket
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FlisKits Flying Model Rocket Kit Praetor
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Recommended Motors: A8-3, B6-4, C6-5

Estes A8-3 Engine Pack (3-Each)
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Estes B6-4 Engines Bulk Pack
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Estes 7963-1 B6-4 Flight Pack Model Rocket Motor
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Estes C6-5 Model Rocket Engine Pack
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Launch Supplies:

Estes 2274 Recovery Wadding
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Estes-Cox Corp 2302 Solar Starter
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What You Can Do

Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
2002-10-31EMRR's FlisKits PraetorB6-4- A very nice first flight. The large fins are easy to see and track. Oh, no, an Estes-Dent on the ...
2002-10-31EMRR's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Excellent for a small field (football size) on a C. Stable and straight. The ol' Estes-dent this ...
2002-11-03EMRR's FlisKits PraetorB6-4- Added 16 of elastic and this time no Estes-dent. Good flight and caught it on camera.
2002-11-30Greg Deeter's FlisKits PraetorB6-4- First flight, no wind, giant park. No paint and no fin fillets, just CA build. Slow super stable ...
2002-12-01Greg Deeter's FlisKits PraetorD21-7- Took off super fast, yet straight up. Made some popping sounds. Went into sun so I could not see ...
2002-12-01Greg Deeter's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Added a larger launch lug (Jack In The Box blue plastic straw)with CA. Looked nice, at least 600 ...
2002-12-01Greg Deeter's FlisKits PraetorC6-7- Did good on a C6-7 even. Nose cone up and it seemed to be juststarting to come down in a ...
2002-12-01Greg Deeter's FlisKits PraetorB6-5- Launch lug got hung and it took the pad with it up about 5 feet. Broke loose, got about 300 feet, ...
2002-12-01Greg Deeter's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Perfect day, could not resist. Using Fliskits chute mid sizedwhich I believe is 18. Bounced off 1 ...
2002-12-14Greg Deeter's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Cold and damp, no wind and I just wanted to launch (1) rocket today.Of dozens in my active fleet, ...
2003-07-06Chan Stevens's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Motor failure/acted more like a 3 than a 5
2003-07-10EMRR's FlisKits PraetorD10-7- After two ignitors, this thing took off. Wow! It was a nice flight and ejected right at apogee. As ...
2003-11-23Lance Alligood's FlisKits PraetorB6-4- With such a slow liftoff, I was concerned that 4 sec delay would be too long, but it just hung in ...
2003-11-23Lance Alligood's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Not a lot of height considering it was on a C6-5. Super slow liftoff & climb to altitude. ...
2003-11-27Lance Alligood's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Impressive height again. Chute didn't open properly but was enough for a safe recovery. I managed ...
2003-12-27Scott Oblander's FlisKits PraetorB4-2- Perfect flight
2004-01-17Lance Alligood's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Another graceful flight even on a very windy day. Plastic chute got badly tangled in shock cord & ...
2004-05-15Lance Alligood's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Beautiful, majestic arcing flight, even with the strong winds. Mylar chute deployed right on ...
2004-07-17Lance Alligood's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Beautiful arching flight into the wind. Chute ejected right at apogee. The Praetor always knows ...
2004-08-21Lance Alligood's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Great way to start off the day... Perfect majestic liftoff too ~500' with recovery under ...
2004-08-28Greg Deeter's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Out for another nice flight a few years later. Could clearly see fins remain perfectly stable with ...
2004-11-18Donald Besaw's FlisKits PraetorB6-4- Nice first flight up to maybe 200 feet. Nice recovery. No damage.
2004-11-18Donald Besaw's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Very nice second flight up to maybe 500 feet. Very nice recovery close by. No damage.
2004-12-27Scott Oblander's FlisKits PraetorB6-2- Great Flight
2005-01-01Scott Oblander's FlisKits PraetorB6-2- Nice straight flight. Chute packed to tight, deployed just before landing no damage. Shock cord ...
2005-01-01Scott Oblander's FlisKits PraetorB6-2- Nice straight flight
2005-02-05Lance Alligood's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Another super flight but without the damage. Doin' it with style :)
2005-02-05Lance Alligood's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Even on a windy day it has a graceful, arching flight. Payload tube flipped back & got dinged ...
2005-02-07Donald Besaw's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Nice flight, boost was a bit squirrelly due to the wind impacting the large fins. Moderate walk ...
2005-03-06Joseph+R. Nyikos's FlisKits PraetorC6-4- This had to be the most beautiful flight I have ever seen. There was no pitching, yawing, or ...
2005-04-06Donald Besaw's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Very nice flight, moderate drift on recovery. No damage
2005-07-26Donald Besaw's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Very nice flight, great boost to 550-600 feet. Great recovery, landed about 30 feet from the pad. ...
2005-10-18Donald Besaw's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Excellent flight. Moderate drift on recovery. No damage.
2005-11-11Donald Besaw's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Great flight, landed close to pad. No damage.
2006-02-24Donald Besaw's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Great flight, heard a faint whistle on the way up. Nice recovery, landed close by. No damage.
2006-05-27Donald Besaw's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Another textbook flight of the Praetor, nice straight boost. Heard a faint whistling noise after ...
2006-06-24Bill Ralston's FlisKits PraetorC6-3-
2006-07-08Bill Ralston's FlisKits PraetorC6-3-
2006-10-17Donald Besaw's FlisKits PraetorC6-3- Excellent flight, this is the ideal motor and delay for this kit, popped the chute right at ...
2006-10-31Donald Besaw's FlisKits PraetorC6-3- Excellent flight, decent altitude and a perfect apogee deployment. Moderate to long drift on ...
2007-04-08Donald Besaw's FlisKits PraetorC6-3- Great flight, nice straight boost with deployment right at apogee. Moderate drift on recovery. No ...
2007-12-30Chan Stevens's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Sep/burned shock cord, landed hard on road & broke fins, dinged tube, etc.
2008-02-16John Bergsmith's FlisKits PraetorB6-4- Nice straight launch, slow realistic liftoff. It's really neat to see the big fins taking to the ...
2008-02-16John Bergsmith's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Another perfectly straight launch. Got a little more height out of the C6-5. Very nice rocket ...
2008-10-12Ben Genn's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Parachute slightly burnt by ejection charge, did not deploy fully. 1 broken fin, easy repair.
2008-11-09Ben Genn's FlisKits PraetorD21-71000 feet Impressive flight, again one find broken on landing.
2008-11-09Ben Genn's FlisKits PraetorC6-5500 feet Great flight, one fin broken on landing.
2008-12-14 Ben Genn's FlisKits PraetorC6-5- Perfect flight and with new epoxy clay used for fillets, no more broken fins.
2009-07-11John Bergsmith's FlisKits PraetorC6-3- 2nd flight of the day, recovered with no damage.
2009-07-11John Bergsmith's FlisKits PraetorC6-3- Perfect flight, I really like the slow climb of this design. Recovered with no damage.
2010-06-20Ben Genn's FlisKits PraetorC6-5-
2010-11-13John Bergsmith's FlisKits PraetorC6-3-

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