FlisKits - Praetor -Undefined-

CP Method: Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 21.51 inches
Diameter: 1.64 inches
Fin Span: 13.60 inches
Length: 23.90 inches
Manufacturer: FlisKits
Model: SP001
Product Type: -Undefined-
Recommended Motors: A8-3, B6-4, C6-5
Recovery: Parachute
Skill Level: 2
Style: MicroMaxx
Weight: 2.30 ounces
  • FlisKits - Praetor (SP001) By Greg Deeter

      The new Fliskits Praetor is a single stage, dual diameter "Sport" design, with a very unique and bizarre looking set of four fins. The kit says that this was first introduced at the "Pearl River Model Rocket Convention (MODROC)". This comes in the same type of package as my previous rockets from FlisKits. Estes type retail package, which is a plastic bag with hole punched hang tab. ...

  • FlisKits - Praetor (SP001) By Nick Esselman

    Why does Summer, and even Fall, always run out of time? I guess so we'll have the opportunity to sled, build snowmen and throw snowballs! But, here in Vermont it simply halts all rocket finishing activity! Still, I was interested in getting my 2nd kit built from the the newest kit manufacturer, FlisKits (opened in September 2002). As with my FlisKits Tumble Weed I was impressed with the ...

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