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Pro Series II Booster

By Lester Anderson

Estes - Pro Series II E2X Booster {Component} (009752)

 A booster unit for t' Pro Series II E2X rockets.

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Finally, I begin. (2014-01-21 22:45:29)

Ok, here we have a build o' Estes's PSII E2X Booster unit for some o' t' 2in body Pro Series II rockets.

Box art

Step #1, assemble t' fins. Aye aye! They glue together with thin CA glue.

                               Raw fins                                                           Scuffed matin' surfaces                                                      finished assembly

#2&#3 is assembly o' t' motor mount. Ahoy! I went out o' order, by puttin' t' Interstage Cone and thrust block on first, then t' centerin' rings. Arrr! Works t' same.


                       Interstage cone                                                                 Centerin' Rings

Setp #4, me hearties, Install t' motor mount into t' body tube and install t' body tube coupler. Begad! T' body tube is pre-slotted, so make sure that t' slots in t' centerin' rin' tabs line up with t' body tube. Avast, me proud beauty! T' shorter end o' t' tube without slots be t' lower end. Aye aye! Don't put t' motor mount in t' tube upside down.


  Aft end o' MM, shiver me timbers, see t' thrust rin' in t' front?                             Forward end o' MM                                                    Body coupler installed

Step #5, install t' fin assemblies. They need t' align up with t' slots in t' centerin' rings. Now is a good time to add any internal glue fillets if you want them.


         Lettin' t' epoxy drain down a little.                                        Then added some on top.

Step #6, install t' motor retainer. Begad! It uses t' new screw on PSII ones.  And Step #7, add t' little decal.


     Left off t' outer part while t' epoxy cures.                   Only 1 sticker? I would have thought 3.

And that's it, your done. If you prep all your parts first, and can work fast, it will go together in about 25 minn. Avast! This does agree with t' claim from t' back o' t' box "Assembles in minnutes".  Now I am ready for 2 stage flights with me Trajector.

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