Andrew's Rocketry Shop - K-04 Mini Patriot

The mini version of the popular Patriot has been released.

At 7 inches tall, and 18mm diameter it's a quick and easy build.

It can fly up to 900' on Estes mini engines!

Designer: Andrew Bissonnette
Fin Material: Fiberboard
Length: 7.00 inches
Main Body Tube: 13mm
Main Nose Cone: 13mm
Manufacturer: Andrew's Rocketry Shop
Model: 004
Motor Size: 13 millimeters
Original Price: $10.00
Power: Low-Power
Production Years: 2018-
Recommended Motors: 1/2A3-4T
Recovery: Streamer
Skill Level: 1
Status: In-Production
Weight: 0.70 ounces
Thanks to ...
  • Andrew B for Updating Product Attributes

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