Estes - Cruise Missile Kit

Manufacturer: Estes
Product Type: Kit
Skill Level: 1
Status: Out-Of-Production
Style: RTF
  • Estes - Cruise Missile {Kit} By Eric Truax

    Single stage, all plastic rocket with the screw on plastic back to hold the motor in. The rocket is all plastic, with the standard elastic shock cord. 3 molded fins. Construction is really straight forward. The only bug in the ointment I had is that my kit came as a 2 set with a Maverick Missile. I bought the kit at Wal-Mart and the whole thing was under 8 dollars. It's made of a plastic ...

  • Estes - Cruise Missile {Kit} By Chan Stevens

    I'm almost ashamed to admit having an RTF in my fleet, but this rocket actually looks pretty cool and flies much better than any other RTF I've seen lately. With a half-off coupon and already owning everything else in the store, I just couldn't walk away empty handed and picked this up for about $6. The rocket is all plastic, with "menacing" decals already applied and a 12" chute. ...

  • Estes - Cruise Missile {Kit} By Bubba Sligar

    Brief: This rocket, like its older Estes and Centuri brothers, is based on the AGM-86 A.L.C.M. Cruise Missile. Although it isn't 18mm, it sure get's up there! (Estes should have made it 18mm, trade-off in a RTF world.) Construction: This is a Ready-to-Fly model. The only thing that I would CON about it is that the shock cord wasn't long enough, and that the 13mm motor wasn't ...

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