Edmonds Aerospace - Arcie II Kit

Manufacturer: Edmonds Aerospace
Product Type: Kit
  • Edmonds Aerospace Arcie II By Bob Cox

    Overview: Boost glider with radio control, designed for beginner RC fliers. Rob Edmonds is renowned for his well-engineered, simple-to-build gliders. The Arcie II is Rob's attempt to move radio control from a specialty niche into the mainstream. The Arcie II is designed to be simple to build, easy to fly, and rugged enough to survive novice pilot errors. The glider glides down under ...

  • Edmonds Aerospace Arcie II By Michael Rangitsch

    Picture courtesy of Edmonds        Brief: Rob Edmonds Radio Controlled 24mm Boost Glider Construction: Standard boost glider configuration with R/C battery, receiver, and HiTec servo. The glider is balsa with a few hardwood components. Boost module is a long section of BT50, recovered on a 12 inch parachute. Both nose cones are turned balsa. ...


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