Acme Engineering - Launch Lugs Component

Manufacturer: Acme Engineering
Product Type: Component
Tags: Component:Launch Lug
  • Acme Engineering - Launch Lugs {Component} By D. L. Brown

    (Extracted from R.M.R. - by D. L. Brown)  I thought I would put in a short product report on Acme's ( the fin can guys) new extruded aluminum launch lugs.  I just received two packages of the 54FC lugs for 3/8" rods and one package of regular 54mm 1/4" rod lugs.You get 2 lugs in each package, each lug is 1.5" long and has a 45deg. taper on each end.The fit to ...

  • Acme Engineering - Launch Lugs {Component} By Chuck Andrus

    ACME - Launch Lugs review is provided courtesy of: Using ACME Engineering's Conformal Launch Lugs ACME's Conformal Launch Lugs In my quest for the most durable and user friendly methods and materials for high power rocket construction, I've discovered a lot of interesting and innovative products from many manufacturers and vendors. This one is worth ...

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