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Manufacturer: Missile Works
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  • Missile Works - WRC2 (Wireless Recovery Controller) By Paul C. Smith (August 25, 2009)

    About four years ago I got a WRC2 for a student rocketry contest. I've since flown it six times, most recently just a month ago, and it has worked perfectly each time. It's a real kick to be able to push a button and watch your rocket respond by kicking out the main parachute. Details: The WRC2 receiver (the onboard part) is quite large. I put mine in a 5.5" diameter rocket, and at 3.25" ...

  • Missile Works - WRC2 (Wireless Recovery Controller) By Al Casper

    Missile Works - WRC² review is provided courtesy of: Missile Works WRC2 Wireless Recovery Controller Overview, Setup, Operation Test Flights  By: Al Casper The Missile Works WRC² Wireless Recovery Controller is a sophisticated, radio operated, two channel event activation device for high power rocketry. The WRC² is most often used as a backup recovery deployment ...

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