Cosmodrome Rocketry - Nike Apache Kit

CP Method: Barrowman
CP Position From Front: 41.80 inches
Manufacturer: Cosmodrome Rocketry
Product Type: Kit
Tags: Scale:Nike:Nike Apache
  • Cosmodrome Rocketry - Nike Apache {Kit} By John Lee (September 28, 2009)

    Brief: Of the Consmodrome line, the 2 that have the most appeal to me are the Vostok and the Nike Apache. The Vostok has been sitting in my pile almost since the beginning of my return to rocketry intimidating me. The Nike Apache is a recent acquisition and does not seem nearly so intimidating. I decided to give it a try. Construction: Construction started out by locating the ...

  • Cosmodrome Rocketry - Nike Apache {Kit} By David Sindel (August 27, 2009)

    Brief: This is a very nice 1:6 scale model of the Nike-Apache sounding rocket suitable for E motors up through small HPR motors. It's a hefty and strong kit capable of surviving almost anything you throw at. This was my L1 cert rocket. Construction: The parts list: Conical balsa nose cone, 6" long and 1" in diameter. 5oz lead nose weight, 1" long and ...

  • Cosmodrome Rocketry - Nike Apache {Kit} By Nick Hills

    Brief I have always liked scale kits, so I decided to try the Nike Apache kit from Cosmodrome Rocketry. I made a great choice. As the kit is real nice, and high quality parts used through out. Construction Upon opening of package, every thing was there all in one piece. The balsa transition and nose cone are awesome. They are done real well! You do want to fill any minor dents in ...


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