Rocket Dynamic Systems - Quasar -Undefined-

CP Method: Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 89.00 inches
Manufacturer: Rocket Dynamic Systems
Product Type: -Undefined-
  • Rocket Dynamic Systems - Quasar By Dennis Cotton

    Brief: High power single stage rocket with motor ejection based recovery. Construction: The kit contains 3 body tubes, 2 couplers, 4 pre-beveled birch plywood fins, 2 centering rings, PML nosecone, launch lugs, 1 plywood bulkhead, nylon strap, 2 attachments for strap, 2 quick links, motor retainer, motor tube. I added the optional baffle system and Aero Pack motor retainer and ...

  • Rocket Dynamic Systems - Quasar By Johnnie Paul

    ( Contributed - by Johnnie Paul - 11/25/04) Brief: This kit originally came with a 54mm motor mount, which I swapped for a 76mm motor mount for use with both commercial and experimental J, K, and L motors. The airframe was laminated with fiberglass reinforcement and the fins were mounted to the motor mount with Kevlar ® reinforcements. Due to the weight gain, the 54" Rocket ...

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