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Qu8k - MultiCam On-board Video - High Altitude Rocket Launch
Showing the views from a FlipHD and a GoPro side by side you get a first hand view of what it is like to fly to 121,000 feet. These cameras flew on September 30, 2011 at 11:08am on Derek Deville's Qu8k (pronounced "Quake") launched from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada before returning safely to earth. A plastic cover that was protecting the protruding portion of the GoPro began to melt due to aerodynamic heating and can be seen as streaks passing by the lens. A small bit of this molten plastic re-solidifies over a portion of the lens. Being above 99% of the atmosphere, the sky turns black in the middle of the day and the curvature of the earth is clearly visible. The rocket motor produced 4,000 lbs of thrust for 8 seconds accelerating the vehicle to over Mach 3. Full Length Video: More Pictures and Info -- Sponsors: Learn more about the hobby of High Power Rocketry: Cosmic Ray Project:
Author d3deville
Duration 137 seconds
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