Quest - Area 51 Saucer Kit

Manufacturer: Quest
Motor Size: 18 millimeters
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Kit
Recovery: Featherweight/Tumble
Skill Level: 1
Status: Out-Of-Production
Style: RTF, Saucer
  • Quest Area 51 Saucer By Bill Eichelberger (August 12, 2013)

    My Quest Area 51 Saucer came as a throw in with a rocketry lot I bought off of Ebay, much of which proved to be cleverly disguised junk. But, I paid more in shipping than I did on the auction.  I initially threw the saucer aside as it was covered with dust and spider webs and missing two of the three landing legs.  After my initial disappointment, I gave the saucer a second look. ...

  • Quest Area 51 SPEV Saucer By Dick Stafford (March 21, 2009)

    Brief: Although this resembles Quest's original Area-51 saucer , it varies slightly from the original. This is a SPEV (spare parts elimination vehicle) kit based on a crate of saucer tops that Quest found lying around. The bottom section is redesigned since the original parts were missing. Thus, although really simple to build, it is not RTF. It also doesn't have the wire 'legs' and ...

  • Quest Area 51 SPEV Saucer By Hans "Chris" Michielssen (December 23, 2008)

    This is a re-issue of an out of production Quest(ARF) Saucer Odd-Roc. I ordered two sets of these from Quest during their recent 40% off Christmas sale. One saucer kit and three C6-0 engines were part of the combo deal for $9.00. Quite a good price, a fun rocket for a little more than the price of the three engines. As the Quest website explains a supply of saucer tops was found in a ...

  • Quest Area 51 SPEV Saucer By Manuel Mejia, Jr. (December 15, 2008)

    Brief: Back in the fall of 2008, Quest Aerospace found a stack of 10 year old saucer tops for their 1998 vintage fly saucer RTF rocket. The top plates were the only pieces left from the kit. Rather than discarding them, Bill Stine added an 18 mm motor mount tube, a motor block, a plastic straw, and 3 specially cut black fiberboard supports/fins. One section of the fiberboard ...

  • Quest Area 51 Saucer By Nick Esselman

    I purchased the Area 51 Saucer to add to my 18mm U.F.O. comparison article . It is labeled as a Ready-to-Fly model from Quest made from plastic. CONSTRUCTION: The instructions are printed on the front and back of a single 8½ x11 page of paper. They include illustrations for attaching the legs and for flying. Attaching the legs is done by sliding a plastic holder into a slot on ...

  • Quest Area 51 Saucer (RTF) By Chris Taylor Jr.

    This is another complete ready to go rocket with pad etc. . . again pad [stunk] but I got another one of those launchers. About the pad; take an Estes' Pad and make it look like the picture. Okay, now remove the screw in launch rod mount . . . it just sits in there. No secured angle adjustment either. It is by a measly leg swivel that props up one leg like sticking a rock under a leg. Now, ...


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