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2016-05-04 - UP Aerospace Launch

The best footage I've ever seen from a small (ish) solid fueled rocket. More info can be found on UP aerospace's site here . [Read More]

2015-02-02 - F-1 Engine

Theo and I stopped by the F-1 rocket engine display outside of the Aerojet Rocketdyne facility in Chatsworth, CA yesterday. He was impressed. You can find more info on this engine display by clicking here . [Read More]

2015-01-16 - I-Class nozzle complete

Drilled and tapped the nozzle this morning. I don't think that I mentioned it earlier but the steel is 12L14 steel, commonly refered to as Ledloy because of addition of lead (0.15-0.35%). It's really nice stuff to work with. Here are a couple of pictures. [Read More]

2015-01-15 - I-Class Motor update

I actually finished the motor casing prior to the nozzle, but here are the two pieces together. It was a conscience decision to complete the casing first so that I could get the most accurate measurement of the ID before starting on the nozzle. The ID in this case ended up being very close to the spec. and the nozzles actual OD ended up being 1.606". I will probably make the bulkhead a few ... [Read More]

2015-01-13 - New Motor design - nozzle

I tried to take a lot of pictures while making the nozzle for this latest motor and thought I would show the progression and talk about each of the steps a bit. I'm not a machinist and this isn't meant to be a tutorial, just a bit of insight into my thought process. Feel free to comment.  In this image I have the rough stock in the lathe. It's about 0.75" longer than the nozzle needs to ... [Read More]


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