John Simmons's (BAR-06) Red Columbine

This is a rocket...  based on a flower.  We did a hike up to Hope Pass near Twin Lakes Colorado and we saw a flower I had only seen a couple other time before. It's a Red Columbine. It's got kind of a Sputnik look to it.

It is a rear eject spool design that utilizes laminated paper fins formed around a wooden buck.

The nose cone I turned on my wood lathe from a piece of pinyon pine from our own property.

It is powered by a 24mm motor and has an 18" nylon parachute.

Stability calculated using Open Rocket software and verified via a swing test.

Link to build thread: (1) Red Columbine - A Rocket Based On A Flower | The Rocketry Forum

Red Columbine: Custom Turning The Nose Cone
Red Columbine: Laminating the Paper Fins
Red Columbine: Paper Fin Clamping Fixture
Red Columbine: Fins Glued To Body
Red Columbine: Custom Turned Round Pine Spheres
Red Columbine: Truing up the Centering Rings For A good Fit Into Rocket Body
Red Columbine: All The Pieces Parts...
Red Columbine: Post Launch Inspection
Red Columbine: Autodesk Inventor Presentation View




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