Red Glare XIII - Wildman Jr - CTI J381 SK - Onboard Video
I flew my Wildman Jr rocket at MDRA's Red Glare event on Sunday November 18.2012. It flew on a CTI J381 Skidmark motor. While I had hoped to finally break one mile with this rocket, a stiff breeze and a bit of spin during ascent left me short of that target. Final altitude reported by the onboard PerfectFlite Stratologger altimeter was 4928 feet. This is raw footage taken from a cheap keychain video camera. Despite all the motion and spin in the video, one can see that the rocket poked through the lowest level of overcast.

 Rocketry Product: PerfectFlite - Stratologger {Component} (SL100)

 Rocketry Club: Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association

Author JimmyZNJ
Duration 168 seconds

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