Estes Jinx

Estes - Jinx {Kit} (1809) [1998-2001]

Contributed by Chris Taylor Jr.

Overall Rating: starstarstarstar_borderstar_border
Manufacturer: Estes

[Rocket Pic]Brief: This is one of the new '99 Estes RTF kits that I got from Walmart for a mere $7!  I have heard people refer to it as similar to something called the Red Max.

Construction: It came in a blister pack that says in large letter "READY TO FLY" and this is not a flying model rocket ... it is a flying action toy Rocket. 

Instructions? What instructions? All it needs is installation of the landing legs which is covered on the inside of the cardboard of the blister pack.  The rocket is purple with one prominent neato decal. I understand that it may come in more than one color although I only saw purple. Although not terribly interesting in design for $7 I said what the heck.

Finishing: There is no finishing beyond installing the parachute. Decals are already applied and I like the twist on motor retention a lot, however, on this particular one the retention is a real pain!  It comes with a nifty thingy to twist the ring on but nothing to remove it.  It is also recessed and a real pain to get a hold of to remove. Where are my pliers?  Don't get me wrong it is not tight . . . you just can not get a hold of it.

The nose cone had a nice snug fit and it was notched to be easier to install to keep decals aligned (cool).

Although it is an RTF it is neat looking and I love the price.  I can not really rate construction since there really was not any construction to perform.

Flight: This rocket is a low slow flyer on 1/2A motors but does "go" and is safe.  Otherwise nothing exciting. It is just a 4 fin normal rocket.

I also launched on an A10-3T and it boogied but not that spectacular. It landed fairly close although on windy day I might leave out the chute.

No wobble or noticeable arching and a slight spin (probably the fins)

Recovery: Parachute. Here is where I was impressed!

First it was not ideal but the shock cord was much, much longer than Estes norm and it was "Quest-like" in that is had two materials tied together.  I want to say Kevlar® but I never saw black Kevlar®. I thought it was Yellow.

Summary: Nice recovery system improvements and a cute little (but not overly exciting) rocket. The only real Con is that dang retention ring. I just can't seem to get my fingers in there enough.

Overall Rating: 3 ½ out of 5


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