Estes - Mini Marz Lander {Kit} (1826) [1998-2002]

Contributed by Chris Taylor Jr.

Manufacturer: Estes

[Rocket Pic]This is a mini-RTF (13mm) powered rocket based on the old Mars Lander from Estes.  It does have the movable legs like the old landers did as well.

As this is a RTF model there is nothing to build.  You could paint it and get decals off the net to make it look like the old landers, however, as it exists there is really nothing to finish.

The rocket flies nice and straight.  A10's are a MUST!  I would guess altitude was under 200 feet.

One flaw I noticed deals with the parachute.  There is very little space inside this rocket if you don't count the space in the nose cone.  On my first two launches the parachute got stuffed up inside the nose cone at ejection and never deployed.  I solved this by filling the nose cone with loose wadding to keep the parachute out.

Otherwise flights were nice, low altitude, and relatively slow.

Summary: I love the design and the size (I like mini rockets). I like the fact that the legs are movable since this adds to the "cute" factor.

I don't like the parachute problem and it could be easily solved with a long shock cord so that the 'chute would be pulled out by the shock cord as it ejected. But this is a major flaw in most Estes rockets . . . short shock cords. (Tie the parachute at the very base of the shock cord and wrap the shroud line relatively tight so that the 'chute is yanked out of the nose cone.  Don't worry about the tight wrapping or the 'chute because the rocket is relatively heavy and will open the 'chute quite easily.)

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5


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