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LOC/Precision - Bruiser EXP-3 Hybrid


Contributed by Kevin Davidson

(Contributed - by Kevin Davidson - 10/06/08)

I recently made my Level three launch at the Sept. ROC event in Lucerne. My rocket is a Modified LOC Bruiser with a HyperTek M1000 Hybrid motor. The rocket name is JUICE and the sticker was made by Mark at StickerShock.

Contact him and get your rocket name on your rocket.

I used both the Missle Works® Minnie and the PerfectFlite® HiAlt45 altimeters for a dual deploy.

Fiber glassed body tubes, Heavier centering rings, Larger chutes, Electronic Bay LOC kit was great and the extra service I received when I called was great. Both altimeters company owner's were also very friendly and knowledgeable when asked for help.

I have achieved my Level 3 Nar Cert.

I used the Hypertek M1000 motor.

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