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2018-09-24 - Building the ASP V-2 (part 5)

Well, that was embarrassing.  <– I need a hotkey for that sentence. I decided long ago — I mean years — I wanted to do the White Sands Round 3 paint scheme for my V-2. The other day I primed, and yesterday, finally, the humidity got down low enough for me to decide to apply the… [Read More]

2018-09-22 - Syracuse Rocket Club launch: Unexpected company

There were thunderstorms with heavy rain last night. I don’t know if they missed our field or what, but it was dry today, to my surprise. There was a moderate breeze when we set up but it calmed by noon. At one point we got a partial sun halo.Pretty nice flying day all in all.… [Read More]

2018-09-16 - Building the Dr Zooch Saturn V (part 2)

Isn’t it amazing how much worse spirals look after priming?   [Read More]

2018-09-09 - Building the Dr Zooch Saturn V (part 1)

(Edited to correct moon landing date, and Dr Zooch status) Not going to be doing any spray painting this week, so I decided to start a new rocket. From sad experience I know my capacity for procrastination is near limitless so if I want to make the July 20, 2019 deadline I figured starting on… [Read More]

2018-09-09 - Building the ASP V-2 (part 4)

Man, remember way back when I was working on this? About sixteen months ago? My excuse for stopping was that I’d gotten to the point of doing the pull-out plugs and turbine exhausts. ASP supplies a piece of wood to make them out of, and I lost the piece of wood. So I put the… [Read More]