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2018-06-23 - Building the NewWay Too Square (part 10)

It’s done, defined as. I didn’t do a particularly great job of smoothing the old paint and of course there’s my non stellar brush technique, so the finish is pretty sub par, but it’s better than it was and I’m not gonna mess with it. If I really want a nicer Too Square someday I’ll… [Read More]

2018-06-19 - Building the NewWay Too Square (part 9)

I’ve spent several months hoping a clever idea would come to me for finishing this rocket, but none has, and I guess it’s clear there’s only one, non clever, way forward. Sand the crazed black paint down, and brush paint. So I’m doing that. A little at a time. I did a first coat on… [Read More]

2018-06-16 - Syracuse Rocket Club launch: Spritely

This month there was no excuse not to be out flying. It was warm, maybe even hot, but not oppressively. Winds varied from light to none. Clouds from high to gone. This was the month for our Sprites to fly, and we had, I think, one MMX (Fliskits Tumbleweed), two 18mm (both Semroc Sprites, one… [Read More]

2018-06-16 - Building the [scratch] Mega Sprite (part 11)

If I were running a Skin of the Teeth competition with myself, I’d be winning. I sprayed pink paint on the Mega Sprite yesterday afternoon. First thing this morning it was still too tacky to handle. A couple hours later it was still a bit tacky but I felt with care it could be picked… [Read More]

2018-06-15 - Building the [scratch] Mega Sprite (part 10)

Meanwhile, on the Mega side: The Mega Sprite’s paint (pink also) is drying right now. Before painting I stuck motors in both Sprites, shoved a parachute into the Mega Sprite, and checked the centers of gravity. As near as I can tell it’s in the same place on both, relative to the size of the… [Read More]