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2018-11-19 - Building the Dr Zooch Saturn V (part V)

I guess I’m overdue for an update on this rocket. I’ve been gluing on a piece here, a piece there, over the past few weeks. It’s looking like this now. Today I cut the fins out. Still need shaping. Advertisements [Read More]

2018-11-17 - Secret Santa 2018

Today was the Saturday before Thanksgiving, which meant Walt’s HobbyTown’s Secret Santa Sale and Open House, which meant Syracuse Rocket Club on display. Last year I made stands to display model rocket motors, but this year I decided to remake them. On the black powder stand I’d unaccountably left out a hole for a 29… [Read More]

2018-10-20 - Syracuse Rocket Club launch: Lean in

The forecast for today was showers and wind. The wind part was right. So was the showers part, eventually. It was maybe warmer than you have a right to expect in Syracuse in mid October, if you were out of the wind, but we weren’t. We didn’t expect a large turnout for the last club… [Read More]

2018-10-01 - Building the Dr Zooch Saturn V (part 4)

At a later step, the instructions tell you to fill in the black roll pattern between the two lowest wraps by brush painting. I decided not to do that. Instead I chose to use black vinyl, AKA blackboard contact paper, and it seemed best to do it now before putting the next wrap on. I… [Read More]

2018-09-30 - Building the Dr Zooch Saturn V (part 3)

So I did fill the spirals after all,┬álazily wisely skipping the areas that will be covered by wraps, and then painted the body white. The instructions recommend flat white, but my preference is to do gloss white and then use a dull clear coat at the end. You do the engine fairings by gluing them… [Read More]