Rocket Cam Launch Day 3 April 18th, 2008

This is revision 3 of the Video Eggscalibur. The rocket is designed to hold an egg in its large nose cone. We added a small wireless video camera powered by a nine volt battery instead. We modified the rocket's original three fin design and added four plastic fins from another rocket kit because the first and second version of the rocket were spinning too much. We also switched to two parachutes. One for the camera and one for the rocket body. (It had problems however). We also added a fishing line swivel at the top of the camera to smooth out the camera spin on decent. On the first launch the nose cone popped but neither parachute deployed. On the second launch the camera's parachute deployed but the rocket body's didn't. It speared into the ground but survived. The video shows the launches in real-time and slow motion from two camera angles. Since this was a test launch we used the lower powered C11-3 to work out the bugs before we try a higher powered D or E engine. Revision 1 and 2 of the same rocket.

Author samdogfilms
Duration 180 seconds
Rating Best

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