Rocket Drag Race

Not to be outdone by Team Numbs Beer Keg launch (see earlier video), I improvised with what I had in the desert, and sent my son's milk bottle up in a Nike Smoke and got it 100 ft. higher (6258 ft. per the onboard HCX flight computer). I was racing Eriks GLR Vertical Assault flying on one of my favorite motors, a CTI L730 which burns a thermoplastic propellant from a Canadian aerospace company. He just rips off the pad and disappeared into the sky (with blue camo paint) I cut a few minutes of mystery from the middle of the video as we were looking up in the sky for our rockets. We both packed orange chutes and only one orange chute was visible in the sky Whos rocket was it, and where did the other one go? Both rockets were recovered in perfect shape. I shared the rocket milk with Team Numb as they were having cookies on Sunday. The motor warmed the milk... just like mama used to make...)

Author jurvetson
Duration 68 seconds
Rating Better

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