Rocket Launch in 3D!
First launch of a 3D camera setup - twin 808 cameras in a custom built housing. Liftoff is LOUD! And that's even with recording sound from inside the airframe. The rocket is a 3.1"(78mm) upscale of the Estes Optima. This was launched on a CTI 159G54-12A Redline longburn motor. Altitude was 1180 ft(360m). Recovery on a 36" ripstop nylon chute. Use a Google Cardboard-type viewer, or at least anything that plays side-by-side 3D videos. Remember to make sure your viewer is adjusted to your eyes and focused. Enjoy!

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Optima {Kit} (2035) [1990-1994]

Author EpicRocketry
Duration 162 seconds

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