Klinger Productions - Rocket Screen Saver Software

Manufacturer: Klinger Productions
Product Type: Software
Tags: Software
  • Klinger Productions Rocket Screen Saver By Andy Hobbs

    ( Contributed - by Andy Hobbs - 12/20/02) Brief: A self-installing CD ROM Screen Saver, featuring great photography, lots of smoke and flame, some spectacular Cato's, and crisp detailed rockets of all sizes and shapes. I unexpectedly noticed one capture of a particular rocket gone astray ,,featuring an uncomfortable " nose on" view! The Program: The system requirements ...

  • Klinger Productions Rocket Screen Saver By Nick Esselman

    (12/01/02) I decided to purchase the Klinger Rocket Screen Saver with minimal expectations, after all it is just rocket photos, right? Well, the short answer is yes, however, the long answer is no. It really is more than just rocket photos and yet is it nothing more than rocket photos! Whoa, too philosophical! Let me explain. The photos are taken by Marc Klinger, a professiona ...

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