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The following is a list of all the The Launch Pad Rocksim design files in the Rocksim Library.

UploadedManufacturerDesign NameFile Name
1999-01-01The Launch Padtlp_alarm.rkt tlp_alarm.rkt
2010-11-23The Launch PadThe Launch Pad Alarm mods_tlp_alarm_29m.rkt
1999-01-01The Launch PadAnubis tlp_anubis.rkt
2011-01-19The Launch PadThe Launch Pad Anubis Anubis.rkt
1999-01-01The Launch Padlaunchpad bolo tlp_bolo.rkt
2010-11-23The Launch PadThe Launch Pad Bullpup tlp_bullpup.rkt
1999-01-01The Launch Padtlp_exocetmm40.rkt tlp_exocetmm40.rkt
1999-01-01The Launch PadFalcon AIM-4C Air to Ait ... tlp_falcon2.rkt
2010-12-30The Launch PadThe Launch Pad Harpoon AGM-84 marlin_LP_Harpoon AGM-84.rkt
2011-09-25The Launch PadThe Launch Pad Hawk MIM-23A ... TLP-Hawk.rkt
1999-01-01The Launch PadHellfire AGM-114A tlp_hellfireagm_114a.rkt
2011-01-20The Launch PadThe Launch Pad Hellfire ... Hellfire.rkt
2010-11-30The Launch PadThe Launch Pad Matra Magic ... matramagic.rkt
2012-11-02The Launch PadThe Launch Pad - Matra Magic ... TLP Matra Magic R.550.rkt
2010-11-23The Launch PadThe Launch Pad Nike Ajax tlp_nike_ajax_v2.rkt
1999-01-01The Launch PadTLP Nike Ajax Staged tlp_nike_ajax_staged.rkt
1999-01-01The Launch Padtlp_perseus.rkt tlp_perseus.rkt
1999-01-01The Launch PadPhoenix AIM-54C tlp_phoenix_aim-54c.rkt
2010-11-23The Launch PadThe Launch Pad Rapier tlp_rapier.rkt
1999-01-01The Launch PadScimitar Flames tlp_scimitar.rkt
1999-01-01The Launch Padtlp_sparrow_aim_7f.rkt tlp_sparrow_aim_7f.rkt
1999-01-01The Launch PadStandard AGM-78 tlp_standard_agm_78.rkt

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The above Rocksim design files work with the latest versions of Rocksim and OpenRocket rocketry simulation and design programs.

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