Rokitflite USS Odyssey

Rokitflite - USS Odyssey

Contributed by Charlaine Cadence Nordin

Construction Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Flight Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Overall Rating: starstarstarstarstar
Manufacturer: Rokitflite
Rocketflite Odyssey Rocketflite Odyssey

Classic science fiction-based low powered design. Highly detailed and fully customizable. A rocket that allow the builder's imagination soar long after the build is complete.

Looking at the parts, you first are overwhelmed and worried about the build.

  • instruction CD for use with computer
  • 11 tubes
  • 6 centering rings
  • 1 motor block and hook
  • 1 shroud sheet ( one is used but two more if you mess up)
  • recovery system consisting of 18" chute, Kevlar® cord and elastic cord
  • bag of resin parts
  • bag Plastic parts
  • 3 craft sticks
  • misc plastic parts
  • 2 launch lugs
  • 2 sheets of waterslide decals (one full decal sheet and one gold foil decal sheet) and a scrap sheet to test clear coats
  • 2 nose cones
  • 3 pre-cut balsa fins
  • tube marking guide, fin guide, and fin alignment guide
  • small part of aluminum angle

The kit contains high quality parts and it's obvious that the designer thought of everything. The instructions come in two formats on the CD--with and without pics. It is your choice to print them out or build by the computer. I used a printed version with the pictures included. The instructions with pictures printed is 44 pages long. This fully detailed book takes you step-by-step through the build making it a very simple build even for the builder who is new to the more complicated kits. It is a must to read this booklet all the way through first. Then it makes the build go together easily.

Tools needed:

  • 15 or 30 minute epoxy
  • Thin and medium CA
  • wood glue
  • pencil
  • hobby knife
  • scissors
  • sand papers
  • ruler
  • masking tape
  • paint and sealer
  • aluminum angle (best) or door jamb for straight lines

Construction was easier than first thought and goes pretty fast not counting drying times. This build gives the builder the feel of both self-gratification and learning. It's incredibly light weight is surprising.

The build was fun and addictive. I have no complaints whatsoever.

This is the best part of the build. You can really make this your own. With all the styrene bits and plastic parts, the only limitation is your imagination.

This for me was the longest part of the build. Deciding what I wanted to do and then after all the included parts where gone. I spent an hour just going through leftover old static model parts for more add ons.

Just make sure you get all the nooks and crannies when sealing and priming.

Painting is another detailing headache--not in a bad way but in a very good way. With all the science fiction starships, how can one choose a paint job?! I decided after a long and hard fight to go with a duck or battleship gray color. Giving her a truly sinister and militaristic look with a lot of fine hand painted details. I added a means to use small chem lights in the engine pods for night flights.

The printable decal sheet really helps to place them. I printed them out on a clear plastic sheet in full color cut them out carefully then used them after the paint was dry to decide where to place them. This is another rocket were a good adjustable cradle is a plus for detailing.

Construction Rating: 5 out of 5

Recomended motors are the B4-2, B6-2, C6-3. I packed a 1 1/2 to 2" ball of dog barf into tube.

First flight on a B6-4 made for a graceful, slow lift off into a beautiful, straight flight. Hard arch at apogee 400 or so feet (I believe this was wind related). Then she went into a frightening nose dive until the ejection charge finally went off saving her from damage about 40' above ground.

Second flight on a B6-4 was a graceful, slow lift off again. It was a straight flight with far more altitude reached this time. 500+' and ejection just as she began to nose over at apogee. Perfect deployment and slow and gentle landing.

Third flight was on a C6-3. She screamed off the pad, slowly gaining lightning speed and turning slightly as she flew. Then arching into a photo perfect arch and ejecting without issue. Perfect descent. I was almost able to catch her this time.

The shock cord is a two part Kevlar® and elastic cord setup. Setup early on in the build to give total strength.

The 18" chute is made of bright safety orange plastic with heavy cotton string shroud lines and rip stop protectors.

I added 2 size 12 barrel swivels attaching at the nose cone. This helps with setting up recovery and giving a better descent.

Flight Rating: 5 out of 5

The Odyssey is the best science fiction-based rocket I have built in a very long time. The ability to make this rocket my own, and the fact that no two will be alike makes this a great design. This rocket stands out both on the pad, in the sky, and on my wall. It was a pleasure to build and fly.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

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