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  • Rokitflite USS Odyssey By Jim Filler (November 6, 2008)

    Brief: Deep Space Fantasy Model. It has the flavor of an early 70's transport sci-fi ship. Construction: The model has numerous parts starting out with 4 main sections of body tube going from BT-50 to BT-20 to BT-5. Balsa fins have plastic overlays to add texture and are connected to the main tube and scalloped to also attach to a piece of BT-80 that gives the appearance of a ...

  • Rokitflite USS Odyssey By Charlaine Cadence Nordin (December 11, 2007)

    Brief: Classic science fiction-based low powered design. Highly detailed and fully customizable. A rocket that allow the builder's imagination soar long after the build is complete. Construction: Looking at the parts, you first are overwhelmed and worried about the build. instruction CD for use with computer 11 tubes 6 centering rings 1 motor block and ...

  • Rokitflite USS Odyssey By Bill Eichelberger

    Brief: The Odyssey is the result of one man's journey to create his ultimate "Deep Space" rocket. Scott Branche (Rokitflite on The Rocketry Forum and Ye Olde Rocket Forum,) took it upon himself to fill a what he saw as a void in the market, and based on the beta test kit I built and flew, I think he nailed it. Hard. With lines and details that hearken back to what I c ...

  • Rokitflite USS Odyssey By Bob Harrington

    Brief: This is a Deep Space Fantasy rocket that brings back memories of the Andromeda, USS Atlantis, Solar Sailer, etc. It uses standard 18mm motors with parachute recovery. Construction: This is a builders kit and the number of components is extensive. 2 BT-20 tubes 7 BT-50 tubes 2 BT-5 tubes 1 BT-80 tube 1 BT-20 coupler 6 20-50 centering rings 1 Kevlar ...


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