Saddest rocket video ever - Back in Black MDRA Red Glare XI

This will serve as a cautionary tale. Always check the size of the memory card inserted into your rocket's camera when prepping for flight. You might find yourself in the situation where your video contains nothing but staring at the launchpad until the memory is exhausted. Well, maybe if you turn the sound up you will hear YOUR rocket being launched in the background while mine waits for the button to be pressed. :-) The day after I saw this, I bought a 16GB card - which should record more than 2 hours. I won't make the same mistake twice. :-) The flight (not represented in this video) was to 10000 ft. with a max speed of 1080 ft/sec and max acceleration of 32G. The chute was fouled, resulting in some minor cosmetic damage when it hit the trees.

 Rocketry Club: Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association

Author cyberia55
Duration 17:53
Rating Poor

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