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Satelitte Killer

By Lester Anderson

Semroc - Satellite Killer {Kit} (KV-73)

Ok, I am building the SEMROC clone of the old Centuri Satellite Killer rocket ( It is a short, drag stabilized design, much like a saucer design. This is not an official kit, but I did purchase most of the parts from SEMROC that were still available as separate parts. Due to SEMROC's closing, I had to cut out my own fins and "solar panels", but everything else is SEMROC parts.

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Engine mount (2014-06-08 11:45:44)

Here we have the engine mount. It is pretty standard fare as far as engine mounts go; 2 centering rings, a BT20 tube 2.75 inches long, a engine hook, a thrust block at the top, and the shock cord. The only real difference from standard is the shock cord goes down the mount, not up. This is an rear ejection kit, where the engine mount gets kicked out of the rocket at deployment, dragging the parachute with it.

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Main body tube (2014-06-08 11:58:53)

Next on the instructions is to assemble the main body tube. It start's with the "thrust baffle" that the engine mount will push against. The 3 pieces glue together with standard glue.

Lastly, the baffle assembly (1st and 2nd pic) gets glued inside the main body tube, with the big hole facing up. That will later be the mount for the "satellite dish" on the top of the model.

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Mark tubes (2014-06-08 13:06:43)

Basic and straightforward. Mark the 2 main body tubes for where the fins mount.

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Elastic shock cord (2014-06-08 13:21:49)

The instructions tell you to grab 1 of the 5 canister tubes, which are 2 inch long ST-1320 tubes. Next, cut 2 slits .25 inches long at 1/2 and 3/4 from one end. Thread your elastic shock cord thru both slits, so both ends are inside the tube. Tie one end of the shock cord to itself on the other side of the slits, and glue in place.


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Legs/fins (2014-06-08 13:25:23)

Now we start gluing on the legs/fins. It starts by gluing the main legs to the main body tube, followed by gluing the big ring to the deep notch on the fins.


Next, gather up the 5 canisters and glue them between the main body, big ring, and each fin. They should line up with the bottom edge of the fins.


Then glue on the solar panels with their supports, followed by gluing the longer dowels along the bottom of the legs. The dowel's but up against the solar panels, over the "top" of the panel supports.


Lastly for this step, 5 more dowel's get glued to the top of each fin.




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Launch Lug (2014-06-08 21:04:22)

Now comes an important part, your launch lug. Simply add a 2 inch length of 1/8 launch lug to the inside one of the canisters mounted to the fins and main body. The instructions state it needs to be as close to the main body as possible. The white line inside the canister pictured is the launch lug.

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Decorative Antenna. (2014-06-08 21:16:42)

Yes, the title is correct, a decorative antenna. This item removes for flight. It is not much more than a paper shroud, a 2 inch piece of BT5, a 3.5 inch piece of 3/16 dowel, a pair of centering rings to hold the dowel, and a final centering ring to mount the paper shroud. I have not yet mounted the shroud to the BT5 yet, as it was pre-printed with the design on it and was printed on glossy photo paper.




At this point, Paint application is needed before any other parts can be put together.

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