Scratch - Avenger Scratch

Manufacturer: Scratch
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Scratch
Style: Multi-Stage, Payload, Clone
  • Estes Avenger Clone By Bill Eichelberger (September 28, 2012)

    The Avenger wasn't the first two-stager I'd ever built, (that would be the Beta,) but it was the first one I ever flew as a two-stager.  When I got back into the hobby in 2001, I quickly realized that much of what I wanted to build from my 1977-80 heyday no longer existed.  My solution to this was to buy an Estes Builders Special, only to find that it had become a corporate ...

  • Scratch Avenger By William Beggs (October 29, 2007)

    Brief: This is my attempt at designing and building a retro Spaceship that closely resembles one of the displays that CoolRockets has. The one I decided to replicate was the “Streamliner”. Since this is my first time attempting this I figured this design was fairly basic. The name I have given mine is the Avenger. The materials include: 1/16” Balsa for fin set, ...

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