Scratch - Streamliner Scratch

Manufacturer: Scratch
Product Type: Scratch
  • Scratch - Streamliner {Scratch} By Steve Lindeman (August 28, 2013)

    The Streamliner was the fifth in a series of Baby Bertha kit bashes that I did while building my Goonybird fleet. The first four kits were used to make four of the original Goonybirds from Estes but now it was time for somthing a little different. I remember seeing this model in a Design This Rocket contest and being a lover of retro rocket designs, I knew I wanted to build it ...

  • Scratch - Streamliner {Scratch} By Mark Van Luvender (November 4, 2007)

    I chose to build the Streamliner for this contest as it truly spoke to me as something I could do--that doesn't happen often. This rocket started out as an Estes Baby Bertha kit. In order to create the "Streamliner", I cut a wedge shaped section out of the body tube starting just below where the nose cone shoulder ends. Once the cut was made, the edges were glued together to create the sleek ...

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