Scratch - Comanche Chief {Scratch} Upscale

Contributed by Robert Gustin

Manufacturer: Scratch
Style: Upscale

(Scratch) Comanche Chief




The Comanche-3 CHIEF is a 136% upscale of the Estes Comanche-3. BT-55 body tube and three 24mm motors. Parachute recovery and an altimeter bay.

Parts include:

  • 2 BT-55 Main body tubes
  • 2 BT-55 Booster body tubes
  • 1 ESTES BT-55 nose cone (long)
  • 9 Upscale fins - 1/8 balsa
  • 6 55-50 centering rings
  • 3 C55 couplers

Building is pretty straightforward. If you've built the Comanche-3, you can upscale it just as easily.

Finish is just simply 3 coats of sanding sealer on balsa fins and primer and paint. Home printed, upscale decals.

Motors for the CHIEF are:

  • Stage 1 - D12-0
  • Stage 2 - E9-0 (An E9-P with the plug removed)
  • Stage 3 - E9-6

Usual direct staging prep. Add an adapter to the D12 to make the length right. Plus add some BP into the upper stage nozzles covered with a single layer of cellophane tape. This helps with staging.


I love this rocket and so does the club I fly with. It's a real crowd pleaser. The long burn E9s really do send this bird into the clouds so to speak.

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