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Sky Ripper G125

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The G125 is an 88% G hybrid motor from Sky Ripper.

  • Delays: 1000
  • Propellant Weight: 158.0000 g
  • Total Weight: 537.0000 g
  • Average Thrust: 125.5380 N
  • Peak Thrust: 415.5700 N
  • Total Impulse: 150.6450 Ns
  • Class: 88% G
  • Thrust Duration: 1.2000 s

Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
2017-08-20Dick Stafford's Landshark 3.0G125-6-
2017-07-30Rick Barnes's Smokin' 38G125-71200 feet
2016-11-19Dick Stafford's Margin of ErrorG125-5- CR @300, 60" chute
2015-06-14Dick Stafford's Landshark 3.0G125-7-
2015-06-13 Erik Conway's Madcow Mini-TomachG1253927 feet Perfect flight!
2014-05-17Dave Greger's Mega Der "O" MaxG125-
2013-08-17Dick Stafford's Obsessive Compulsive Rebuilding DisorderG125-5- shred...rebuilt
2008-01-19Lance Alligood's Giant Leap Rocketry Thunderbolt 38G125-ALTIM- Second hybrid attempt turned out to be just like the first. Not enough gas & the rocket pranged ...
2008-01-19Lance Alligood's U.S. Rockets StilettoG125-ALTIM- My first attempt with a hybrid motor. There was gas in the tank but not enough to get the rocket ...
2007-06-15Aaron Stanley's Aerotech ArreauxG125-15- The ejection charge fired just the payload section never separated and it came in on a flat spin ...
2004-08-14EMRR's MilerG125-10- Vanished off the pad. Very high up seems to come completely apart. all fins, motor out (which ...
2004-05-02Rocky Firth's LOC/Precision Lil' NukeG125-8- First Flight! Great little mid-power rocket.
2001-05-12Dick Stafford's Mini MojoG125-5- good boost, chute tangled and it came in HARD - no damage :-)
2001-05-12Dick Stafford's Beer 'n PretzelsG125-5- great flight and landing! heavy rocket with slow boost even with a G125
2001-01-06William Beggs's Estes Fat Boy - 29mmG125-7- The thrust ripped the nose cone back and ended up with premature deployment. Rocket had small ...
2000-11-04Dick Stafford's 'Scuse MeG125-15- It had been fairly windy and although it had calmed somewhat I opted for this motor over an H242. ...
2000-09-09Will Stockwell's Public Missiles Patriot (1/4 Scale)G125- The motor bearly got my massive 70oz patriot off the pad to a mere 500ft before deploying the ...
2000-07-01Dick Stafford's Purple AP EaterG125-15- Nozzle and rear grain blew out. Minor damage. Motor replaced x2 by AT. See Rocksim entry.
1999-12-11Claude Paquin's LOC/Precision Forte'G125-10- Quick flight with this powerful motor. The rocket handled it very well!
1999-11-30Daniel Cutteridge's Aardvark Rockets - Sandia Tomahawk (2.6G125-L- Awesome motor for this rocket if you can ever find one. Poped off the pad so fast it looked like ...
1999-06-19David Urbanek's LOC/Precision GraduatorG125-10- Very fast boost again. Kind of a rough ejection.
1999-04-17David Urbanek's LOC/Precision GraduatorG125-10- Hook on nose cone pullled through. Very fast boost. 2152' alt (ALTS-05 in vented nose cone ...
1996-04-01March Briner's Halo EightG125-5- Slightly ballistic because of the wind.
1992-03-08March Briner's THOY PhoenixG125-5- Landed in trees

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