SEE ALSO STORY NUMBER 99102A FOR TAKE - OFF Skylab One stands on its launching pad at Cape Kennedy as countdown progresses for liftoff of the United States' first space station mission. Skylab launched using a Saturn 5 rocket. and although liftoff appeared perfect, when Skylab reached orbit, the telescope arrays deployed but the workshop arrays did not. Plan Skylab in orbit. animation panels for electricity generation several shots. Animation of the rocket, 2nd and 3rd stages with Skylab which separates the orientation cover opens and leaves. Shot of the laboratory in space - opening of the telescope - solar panel. wo panels for fabrication of electricity. Shot of Skylab with capsule docking - interior of Skylab. Other shot of Skylab in space. Skylab real size - exterior - interior ofSkylab - the bicycle for the measuring of the metabolism of the astronauts which look for revitaillement. A side viewer which orients towards the earth. Two astronauts with the trays to warm their food - eating. Sleeping bags in the cabinet - one of the three separated cabiners for sleeping. Plastic bags to put dirty clothes etc. Wash-stand. The toilet and wash-stand. The floor. CU Special shoes which mesh their feet to the floor. Feet on the floor. View of SAS control and vital function of the space lab - interior . Bicycle for exercises and metabolic measurements. Shot of earth passing. Special chairs for the control of the astronauts weight. Shot of the solar telescope. Shot of the cable for the astronauts' feet (astronaut is entering to change film). Shot of sun - solar explosion. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:

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Author British Movietone
Duration 05:49

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