Aerospace Specialty Products - Micro Sonda II B Kit

Designer: Andy Jackson
Diameter: 0.28 inches
Length: 5.38 inches
Manufacturer: Aerospace Specialty Products
Model: KSON-MM
Motor Size: 6.5 millimeters
Product Type: Kit
Recommended Motors: MMX
Recovery: Streamer
Skill Level: 2
Style: MicroMaxx, Scale
Tags: Scale:Sonda:Sonda 2
Weight: 0.11 ounces

Run Motor Simulations

  • Aerospace Speciality Products Sonda II B (Micro) By Peter Stanley

    Brief: This is a Micro-Maxx powered scale model of the Sonda II B from ASP. The real Sonda II B is a Brazilian sounding rocket first used in the 1970s. Construction: The kit contains 1 long body tube, 2 tube couplers, 1 styrene fin stock, 1 styrene launch lug, 1 styrene launch lug standoff, 1 wood nose cone, 1 Kevlar ® shock cord, 1 decal, and 1 mylar streamer. T ...

  • Aerospace Speciality Products Sonda II B (Micro) By Chan Stevens

    After scoring a large quantity of very cheap MicroMaxx motors, I looked over the less-than-stellar-flying fleet of RTF's, and realized I need some real MicroMaxx rockets. ASP to the rescue, with a series of impressive micro scale offerings suitable for the craftsman. At $5, you'll either ask yourself "why did I pay more for this kit than the Quest starter kits are going for at clearance ...

Thanks to ...
  • Andy Jackson for Updating Product Attributes


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