SpaceX Falcon 9 Drone - Extended
If you like, PLEASE subscribe :) Longer cut, showing leg deployment, and a few tipovers. Yes I know it's not a real rocket, but it does really fly, and is meant to reenact one of the greatest engineering achievements in recent memory. Doing this project gave me even more respect for the folks at SpaceX. Doing it with a toy was hard, doing it in real life, coming back from space is nothing short of magic. Also, as a PSA, while I appreciate all the pool cleaning pointers, this is at a friends house. I'll pass along the "Clean your pool" messages to him :) Description from shorter video : My latest RC project is a tiny version of the SpaceX Falcon 9 Droneship landing. The "rocket" is built around a stripped down Blade Inductrix 200, using a variety of model rocket and custom parts. The legs deploy in flight, and I've got a removable "Flame" that can be attached. The Droneship is made from 1" insulation foam, and is built to the correct scale for the 1m tall rocket. It is a tiny landing pad, and give me even more respect for the amazing accomplishment that is landing the real one! Longer video to follow shortly, including some recreations of RUDs As with all my builds, this is strictly for fun. I do not intend to sell any sort of kit based on this project, although I will be glad to answer questions about the build, and help anyone who is interested create their own.
Author ajw61185
Duration 91 seconds

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