Apogee Components - SR-72 Darkbird Kit

Manufacturer: Apogee Components
Product Type: Kit
  • Apogee Components - SR-72 Darkbird {Kit} By Patrick Wright

    Brief: Rear engine type mini-motor powered boost glider. Designed to imitate the appearance of the SR-71 spyplane. Construction: According to a note in the kit, Apogee had a supply problem with the nose cones. So as to not delay delivery any further Apogee vacuformed their own nose cones as a substitute. The note went on to say that the vacuformed nose cone probably wasn’t ...

  • Apogee Components - SR-72 Darkbird {Kit} By Alan Rognlie

    Apogee - SR-72 Darkwing ( Contributed - by Alan Rognlie)  The SR-72 is an ejecting power-pod boost glider, much like one of Astron Mike's Marauders or the Estes SR-X, with an overall length near twelve inches and wingspan of about 7-1/2 inches. It is designed to be used with 13mm mini-motors. When the power-pod is ejected, it releases the elevons for glide. Tim (van Milligan) packed ...

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