Flight Log - 2020-09-06 - Ty Bliss's Star Orbiter

A Pro Series II model, the Star Orbiter was my first rocket capable of using 29 mm motors.  I upgraded the Estes kit by adding an ejection baffle and Kevlar shock cord. 

Light-weight for its size, it flies well on 24 mm D12-5 and E12-6 motors using an available Estes engine adapter and a 48" long x 1/4" diameter launch rod.

The Star Orbiter can also be flown as a cloud piercing two-stage rocket using the Estes Pro Series II booster and an E16-0 or F15-0 motor. 

I can't wait for the next Club meeting to launch it with a 29 mm E16-6 or F15-8 motor.     

Flight Date: 2020-09-06
Rocket Name: Star Orbiter
Kit Name: Estes - Star Orbiter {Kit} (9716) [2016-?]
Flyer's Name: Ty Bliss
Motors: E12-4
Launch Site: Blue Mountain Foothills - Primary Wheat Field
Actual Altitude: 1,200.00 Feet

First E-powered flight. Really high, true flight!

1Aerotech E12-RCJ-4


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