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AKA: DM1975

Location: Kansas - US of A!!!

Certification Level: L2 NAR/TRA

Club Memberships: KRASH NAR section 716,Nebraska THOR

Favorite Rockets: Easters Saturn V cluster


Retired Army and a former Marine. My first first big rocket launch was a TOW 2 missile as a young US Marine. I am now a level 2 BAR in both NAR and TRA. I founded and used to run the NAR section KRASH in Manhattan Kansas. Pages:


"AIRWOLF" Interceptor E (modified)


Straight and fast flight. Raven altimeter showed velocity of 450 MPH. GPS tracker shut off during flight and main opened at apogee however, both deployment charges did fire accurately. - H128 - Local area site [More]


Mercury Engineering Hijacker


Wonderful flight, out of site. BT zippered upon ejection by about 1 - G76-8 - KRASH [More]

Cherokee D


Wonderful flight. I forgot to put a parachute in it though. It recovered without damage. - D12-5 - KRASH [More]

Talon 24


Great flight - F39-6 - KRASH [More]


Cherokee D


Wonderful flight, great altitude. Drifted about 1200 ft. from launch site on parachute. - D12-5 - KRASH [More]

Estes Super Neon


Wonderful flight, however parachute did not unfurl. Rocket landed with no damage. - B6-4 - KRASH [More]

The Launch Pad Scimitar


Only one motor fired. Rocket still lifted off of the pad, however it only went about 150 ft before it nosed over. The chute popped out just in time to slow it down on impact. No damage to rocket. - 2XD12-3 - KRASH [More]

Mercury Engineering Grave Danger


Again, the motor sputtered the entire flight and nosed over for a lawn dart into the pasture. - D12-3 - KRASH [More]

Mercury Engineering Grave Danger


Rocket went to about 50 ft and nosed over for a slow trek across the field finally impailing itself into the dirt. Motor seemed to sputter the entire flight. - D12-5 - KRASH [More]

The Launch Pad Perseus


Wonderful, fast takeoff and great altitude. Rocket recovered without a problem - D12-13 - KRASH [More]


Scratch Aluminum Launch Pad (Other Product)


Brief: This is an article on how to convert an aluminum Army cot into a launch pad capable of handling a rail or launch rods. It is meant to be simple enough that no measuring has to be done and the only tools needed is a wrench, drill, and pop rivet gun. Construction: The conversion consists ... [More]


Modification Big Daddy (29mm) (Modification)


Brief: Modified Estes Big Daddy to fly on 29mm motors. Modifications: I started this project with a regular Estes Big Daddy. When I bought the kit I knew I wanted to mod it to a 29mm so I bought a motor tube and cut it to a length that would allow it to come up and touch the base of the nose ... [More]

Estes Crossbow SST (Kit)


Brief: This is a very small, futuristic looking rocket. Overall the kit is pretty good, it is just tiny. Construction: The kit comes with two body tubes, one of which is the motor mount, a tube coupler, engine block, engine hook, balsa fins and nose cone, water slide decals, rubber ... [More]


The Launch Pad Scimitar (Kit)


Brief: A Launch Pad original, the Scimitar is a two motor cluster, mid power rocket. Some skill in model rocket building is needed for this kit but overall it is a very easy kit to build. Construction: The parts list: Two Body Tubes 24mm Motor Tubes and Retainers ... [More]

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