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Successful Launch of Homemade Main Chute Deployment Device: March 20, 2010- "Cinema 3" Onboard Video

Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3" was powered by a G80-10 motor and carried an Aiptek HD-1 camcorder. Successful flight of a homemade parachute release device activated by an altimeter. Device is a tensioned split cylinder which holds the main parachute. The altimeter fires a Quest Q2G2 igniter which burns through a piece of 20# test fishing line holding the device shut, thus releasing the main chute.

 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - G80W Single-Use Motor {Motor}

 Rocketry Club: Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association

Author jmomenee
Duration 169 seconds
Rating Good

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