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Rick Barnes's Der V-3 1.85x

What we've got here is a 4" upscale of the Estes Der V-3.  Built with LOC heavy wall tubing, a nose cone from Apogee, and 1/4" birch ply fins.  The motor mount is 29mm, with a plastic Estes retainer, and the parachute is a 45" Top Flight.  This will used for a Level-1 certification flight, assuming it proves to fly well.

CP Method:Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front:29.3750 inches
Diameter:4.0000 inches
Fin Material:Plywood
Fin Span:15.2500 inches
Length:35.8750 inches
Main Body Tube:LOC 3.9
Motor Size:29 millimeters
Nose Cone Material:Plastic
Power:High-Power, Mid-Power
Recommended Motors:G80-7
Style:Sport, Upscale
Weight:31.0000 ounces



    Flight Log

    TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
    2015-06-25Torrey Farm, Potter, NYF50-4T450 feet 
    2015-06-26Torrey Farm, Potter, NYG80-7T1100 feet 
    2015-07-25Torrey Farm, Potter, NYG80-7T1000 feet
    2015-08-23Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYG80-7T1100 feet
    2015-08-29Torrey Farm, Potter, NYH163-71500 feet
    2015-08-29Torrey Farm, Potter, NYH133-71500 feet
    2015-09-26Torrey Farm, Potter, NYG125-71500 feet 
    2015-11-27Torrey Farm, Potter, NYG88-7-
    2016-04-24Torrey Farm, Potter, NYG125-71500 feet 
    2016-05-22Torrey Farm, Potter, NYH163-71550 feet
    2016-07-31Torrey Farm, Potter, NYH163-7-
    2016-08-28Torrey Farm, Potter, NYG125-7-
    2017-04-30Torrey Farm, Potter, NYG80-7800 feet 
    2017-08-19Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYH163-91500 feet 
    2017-08-19Historic Aircraft Group, Geneseo, NYH163-91500 feet 
    2017-08-26Torrey Farm, Potter, NYG80-71500 feet 

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