Quest - Super Eagle Kit

Manufacturer: Quest
Product Type: Kit
  • Quest Super Eagle By John Lee (January 11, 2010)

    Brief: QuickKit, 4FNC, 18mm motors, Parachute Recovery While being bummed out about having various projects under construction or repair and still being unable to work on anything in my available time due to drying glue, paint, etc, I decided that one more wouldn't hurt and looked for an easy one near the top of the stack. The Quest Super Eagle was the "winner". The Super Eagle is a Quick ...

  • Quest Super Eagle By Douglas Gardei

    ( Contributed - by Douglas Gardei) Brief: The Super Eagle Kit is designed to take the higher impulse 18mm D size motors by Aerotech. Modifications: This is the second Quest Quick Kit I have built. From the first one I know that the motor mount construction is a bit flimsy. The only thing that is preventing the motor from shooting up inside the rocket is two plastic tabs. My concern ...


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