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The Barracuda

By Skyviper Aerospace

Aerotech - Barracuda {Kit} (89020) [1992-]

I am building this Barracudda with the plans to make it a duel deploy recovery setup. It will be a challenge to build an e-bay that will accomodate the avionics, battery, and charges.

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The Basic Build (2013-03-04 23:18:55)

I started this build yesterday with the intention of getting a little done and then working on it throughout the week. Well, it went together so quickly that I'm to the point that I will need to start fabricating the mini e-bay. Here are some pictures and descriptions of the basic building process for the model.

The package with the awsome 70's style adult and kid enjoying the model on it!

This is the 24mm motor adapter.

Next I assembled the thrust ring.

Here I have cut the slit for the motor retainer and installed it and am preparing to install the thrust ring.

Here I have installed the labyrinth at the foward end of the motor mount and also the plastic fin mounts. The fin mount rings are just barly big enough to fit over the motor mount and are a real pain to install!

Here are thye fins and launch lugs and the lower body tube I have prepared for the next step of installing the fins.

Here I have lined up the motor mount with the body tube and then installed the fins and launch lugs.

This is the coupler that I am going to turn into the mini e-bay. I will make bulkheads out of 1/4 inch plywood, not the fiber disk that came with the kit. I will however use the disk as a stencil to make my bulkheads the correct diameter. It appears to be a 1 3/4 inch outside diameter. That is the next phase of the project.

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