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AKA: Skyviper

Location: Centennial, CO

Certification Level: TRA - L2, NAR - L2

Club Memberships: TRA #14358,(NCR-Prefect #72),NAR #88227,(C.R.A.S.H.-Sec. #482,NCR-Sec. #565)

Favorite Quote:

"Fly it like you don't want it back!"

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Half & Half


J1055 - Pawnee North [More]

The Red Rocket


K700 - Pawnee North [More]


The Red Rocket


Good flight of a 38mm J350 with the 54mm adapter. Recovered about 1/4 mile away. Heavy wind gusts occasionally. - J350 - Hudson Ranch, Pueblo, CO [More]


Half & Half


J420 - Hudson Ranch, Pueblo, CO [More]


The Red Rocket


k270 - Pawnee North [More]


4" Nike Smoke


Great boost on the long burn motor. No separation at apogee. Rocket lawn darted in. Buried 12 inches in the ground. Motor case and parachute survived. Everything else, including the GPS and camera were completely destroyed. - k185 - Pawnee Atlas [More]

Madcow 4" Patriot


Back in action. Repaired rocket had a great return to the sky! Perfect flight! - J570 - Pawnee Atlas [More]


Panic Attack


First and only flight of this rocket. It shredded and did some sky writing. Definitely too big of a motor for a paper tube AT Barracuda that was chopped in half. Oh well, it was fun to watch! - I204 - Pawnee North [More]

Madcow 4" Patriot


Drogue did not deploy. Main deployed. Rocket got torn apart. Repairs in progress! - J570 - Pawnee North [More]


Predator Jr.


This was the last flight for this rocket. It had a great boost to over 9,200', but during the recovery at around 4,400', the tracking system stopped working and the last know location was above a river and mosquito infested swamp. My son and I ventured into the area, but didn't see the rocket and ... [More]


No fly month,,,


The fire bans in Colorado have made any chance of flying a distant dream. Grrrrr [More]


Level 1 Cert - Madcow Rocketry - Patriot - The rest of the build!

Build Entry

Considering I have already flown this rocket for my L1 certification and was successful, I figure I should finish documenting the build before I send it up for my L2 cert. next weekend. For the fillets I used wood epoxy and then topped it with 5 min. epoxy for a smooth finish. This ... [More]


The Barracuda


I am building this Barracudda with the plans to make it a duel deploy recovery setup. It will be a challenge to build an e-bay that will accomodate the avionics, battery, and charges. [More]

The Barracuda - The Basic Build

Build Entry

I started this build yesterday with the intention of getting a little done and then working on it throughout the week. Well, it went together so quickly that I'm to the point that I will need to start fabricating the mini e-bay. Here are some pictures and descriptions of the basic building process ... [More]


Repaired the Serin


I got the Serin back in flight condition. I reinstalled the fin that broke on impact and the rocket is ready to fly again! [More]

Beautiful day, muddy field!


Today's launchs were pretty good. There was nearly no wind and the temp was in the 50's. The first rocket I put up was a Serin on an A6-4. It was a great flight, but I must have packed the parachute improperly and it failed to open. The result was a broken fin. It could have been much worse, ... [More]


Level 1 Cert - Madcow Rocketry - Patriot - Building the Electronics Bay - Avionics Sled

Build Entry

I started building the E-bay last night. The first thing I did was to attatch the 1 inch section of body tube I cut from the foward section of body tube to the middle of the E-bay. I used regular carpenters glue to do this. Next I set aside the E-bay tube and started work on the ... [More]


Level 1 Cert - Madcow Rocketry - Patriot - Parts Arrived

Build Entry

This is just a quick post to show the Electronics Bay and the nose bulkhead I ordered. [More]


Level 1 Cert - Madcow Rocketry - Patriot - Installing the Motor Mount and Fins

Build Entry

Here I have laid out the the motor mount against the body tube in preparation for installing it. I mixed the epoxy and spread a generious amount of it on the inside of the aft end of the body tube above the fin slots. After carefully sliding the motor mount into the body tube until ... [More]


Level 1 Cert - Madcow Rocketry - Patriot - The Motor Mount

Build Entry

The first step in building the motor mount is attaching the motor retention system. I choose to use an Aero Pack Quick-Change Motor Retainer. This allows easy installation and removal of the motor. In this image I have test fitted the motor retainer and taped off the area so the JB Weld I ... [More]


Level 1 Cert - Madcow Rocketry - Patriot - Unpacking the box

Build Entry

I opened the box and carefully laid out the contents to be sure nothing was missing or damaged. Everything seemed to be present and in good condition. This is what you get in the kit. I ordered my kit from Apogee Components and it included the nylon chute. The kit has a 38mm motor mount. ... [More]


Level 1 Cert - Madcow Rocketry - Patriot


This build of the Madcow Patriot 4" version is my Level 1 certification build. I'm starting this build in the Winter months with the hope to be completed and ready to fly in the early spring. [More]

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