John Simmons's (BAR-10) The Cygnus Probe Ship

A flying model rocket based on The Cygnus Probe Ship from the movie The Black Hole.

This rocket is mostly made from pine components turned on my wood lathe.

It is powered by a 29mm motor.

Getting the rocket to be stable has been quite a journey.  It swing tests as stable, yet if you check out the flight reports, it flies stable under thrust, but then tumbles during the coast phase.

I've built and swing tested the rocket using an extension for the BT-55 main body section.  I have yet to launch it with this new configuration.

Link to Build Thread.

Cygnus Probe: Photo Shoot
Cygnus Probe Ship: Turning the Main Barrel Section
Cygnus Probe Ship: Mock-Up 01
Cygnus Probe Ship: Mock-Up 01
Cygnus Probe Ship: Outrigger
Cygnus Probe Ship: Junior Slinky
Cygnus Probe Ship: Nose Cone Ballast
Cygnus Probe: Added BT-55 Body Tube For Stability (Not Flown Yet)




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