The not so mean machine rocket_launch

By Chris Hurtado

Published: 2023-10-09 00:00:00

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Flight Rating: starstarstarstarstar
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Diameter:1.6400 inches
Length:79.0000 inches
Skill Level:2

with a rocket called the mean machine, you’d expect it to growl at you and shake you down for your lunch money. Instead, it’s more like the classic “gentle giant”. One can hardly apply “mean” to simple night. 6ft is impressive though and usually draws a crowd along with my home but launch rig and control. Now, it is pretty awesome how high this gentle giant can reach on an E12-A. Recovery works like a champ, and on its maiden flight had an entire soccer team chasing it wwhe it seas their refereea frantically blowing the whistle to trZ we{ y to draw them back to the game. (6yr old bunchball/soccer) about to circle back to why I refer to it as “gentle giant” or…. “The Innuendo”

Version bought from amazon

Typical kit. Several tubes, couplers, engine mounts, fins and a handy “de-coupler” twist and pull apart section for easy travel or storage


Everything has help up well so far after 20-ish launches, BUT! It’s the wimpy teenie tiny fins that I just couldn’t get passed. Enter…Imagination! Wimpy fins on something called the mean machine. UNACCEPTABLE. so I set out to make something that would scream ‘mean’. The fins I created ARE fins, forward swept, leading and trailing edges, but definitely look more like blades that would cut you. NOW I had a mean machine! Pix supplied below


flies amazingly straight, and very impressive with an E12-6 motor


Kits are fun. But they’re even better when you do something to it to truly make it your own and not a cookie cutter product. Overall great rocket. But get rid of those wussy fins. It’s supposed to be mean, like it’s gonna come after you. Not, dainty, like a butterfly.




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