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October 9th - 9PM Eastern The Science Channel Donate to support this valuable education program here: This is the trailer for the Science Channel documentary of the Rocket Project, a Mavericks In The Classroom STEM education program offered by the Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation and sponsored by Sony & Intel for the California Academy of Math & Science, in Carson, California in the Spring of 2010. You can get more information about this program and support Mavericks In The Classroom programs by making a donation at: In this program, students joined the Mavericks Clotho Project research team, to determine how high of the surface of the earth, life exists. This effort is a collanorative research effort with NASA's Astrobiology Research Institute, Stanford University, Brown University, Yale University, and Oxford University and the National Endowment for Science, Technology, and the Arts. More information about this STEM education program can be found here:
Author rocketmavericks
Duration 04:35
Rating Better

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