BSD High Power Rocketry - Thor Kit

CP Method: Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 71.07 inches
Manufacturer: BSD High Power Rocketry
Product Type: Kit
Tags: Family:BSD:Thor
  • BSD High Power Rocketry Thor By Chuck Pierce

    ( Contributed - by Chuck Pierce - 04/01/03) Mark Saunders, of BSD High Power Rocketry, graciously donated a 4" Thor kit for a raffle prize, for the Huntsville Area Rocketry Association's (HARA) Rocket City Blastoff (RCBO), October 2002. I was the lucky winner of this kit, and as such, would like to reward Mark's generosity by posting this review to RMR. I approached Mark during ...

  • BSD High Power Rocketry Thor By Allan Trau

    (by Allan Trau - 07/01/02) Brief: Single stage, dual deployment capable, three split-fin design. Construction: The kit includes: 3 body tubes, 34" aft, 10" electronics payload, 24" forward 2 coupler tubes 3 plywood centering rings 3 aft 3/16" plywood fins 3 fore 3/16" plywood fins plastic nose cone 45" nylon chute 20' elastic ...

  • BSD High Power Rocketry Thor By Gary Sinclair

    ( Contributed - by Gary Sinclair) Brief: Kevlar ® /Fiberglass body with Carbon Fibre reinforced fins mounted externally to the motor mount. Giant leap electronics bay added for dual deployment. All thread reinforcement of zipperless fin-can. Nosecone reinforced and thickened with fiberglass. Internal nosecone all-thread and bulkhead added for recovery harness attachment. Mo ...

  • BSD High Power Rocketry Thor By Allan Trau

    When I purchased my BSD Thor, I knew I would also need to purchase new motor hardware. So I also purchased a 38mm set with a 38-240, 360 and 480 case. I also purchased a PML 54mm to 38mm adaptor to allow me to fly the 54mm-based Thor on my new hardware. So needless to say, this was a large outflow of money to venture into the largest rocket I have built. Is it the tallest I've built? No, the ...

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