Public Missiles - Thunder -N- Lightning -Undefined-

Manufacturer: Public Missiles
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  • Public Missiles Thunder -N- Lightning By Kathy Kippen (June 6, 2010)

    Brief: This is the PML two-stage Thunder & Lightning kit. It comes with the CPR3000 electronics bay and the interstage coupler to house the timer. Construction: Quantum tubing airframes – one for the booster and three for the sustainer. The fin can sections came pre-slotted. Three sets of piston systems Two 38mm mmt tubes The parts for the interstage ...

  • Public Missiles Thunder -N- Lightning By David Kneble

    (by David Kneble - 05/01/02) Brief: This is a high performance 38mm two stage rocket. It features PML's CPR3000 system and the inter-stage coupler unit. Construction: I believe that when I originally counted the components there were over 125 pieces. Basically there were two sets of G10 fins, two 38mm motor mounts, the inter-stage assembly, a tailcone, the airframe for the booster, ...


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